Industrial Design Consultancy – Choosing a Company that will Deliver Results

Industrial design is an upcoming field and a new industrial design consultancy is launched every few days in London. Industrial design is now an integral part of the manufacturing business. These design consultancies help design and develop products that are in-demand. Their services include prototyping, CAD engineering, manufacturing, packaging and market insight, with services being… Read more »

Product Design Consultancies for an Effective Product Design

If you have an idea of a product but are unsure of how to get to the real-world item, then talking to product design consultancies may just be what you need to do. These businesses provide multi-faceted services from simple consulting and story boarding to prototype design and testing. Whether you simply want a product… Read more »

Finding the Best Industrial Design Consultancy in London

With the large number of industrial design consultancies in London, it is quite difficult to find the one that matches your needs. However, you can shortlist the one you want with a few steps. Let’s take a look at these steps: Search online with proper keywords Typing a generic key phrase like ‘industrial design’ will… Read more »

Industrial Design Consultancies in London for Effective Product Design

Industrial design is the development of concepts, prototypes, planning, production, and manufacturing of products. Creation of new designs is a difficult process. This can be even tougher for recreating an existing product or designing a product to compete with another. Consumers are often resistant to changes in products they use regularly. They are also loathe… Read more »

Building Effective Brand Strategy with a Product Design Consultancy in London

An effective brand strategy yields optimal results not only in terms of profits but also customer retention and satisfaction. A brand strategy should focus on overall development of products, customers, employees, and ultimately the company too. While formulating brand strategies, the design of a product plays a major role in determining the effective methodology to… Read more »

What You Need to Know About Industrial Design Consultancy and Why

Industrial design balances creative, conceptual, free form ideas with practical material-based constraints. The process requires awareness of production processes, materials, and technology, in addition to an intuitive understanding of design and social trends. Although the design is often considered simply as form factor aesthetics, in reality, it is a much deeper and more fundamental process,… Read more »

Innovating Great Product Design with an Industrial Design Consultancy in London

Industrial design is about the coming together of precision and accuracy with the look, feel, and utility of a product. Positive impacts of industrial design include increased product usability, sustainability and better user-relations thereby providing a brand name for your business. After understanding all you need to know about industrial design, the question arises who… Read more »