Real world observation and trend analysis using qualitative market research helped to achieve a deep understanding of consumer behaviour.

Detailed user research identified a clear gap in the market for competitive and enthusiasts gamers; who are predominantly male 15 – 35 year old Xbox 360 gamers who mostly play First Person Shooter (FPS).

Target user feedback from face-to-face interviews and online forum comments made it clear that enthusiast gamers demand a higher performing solution than the standard Xbox offering.


Video analysis of highlighted that users constantly have to remove the thumbs from the analogue sticks to activate the other control buttons. This causes micro-second delays which leave the gamer unable to aim or have control of movement, greatly impeding performance.
Further issues with the standard controller include a slow button reaction time, an unresponsive d-pad, and a general lack of grip due to excessive wear on the analogue stick.
Every control is accessible without having to release the analogue sticks. Eliminating the micro-second delays between activating different buttons, allowing simultaneous activation of any button combination. The physical resistance of each analogue stick is adjustable to meet the users preferences.  Button mapping allows the users to customise the location and function of the key controls. The D-pad has individual directional buttons eliminating unresponsiveness, and a unique visual balance is created by the position of the analogue sticks and control pads.
Customisable trigger sensitivity and short-throw buttons increase responsiveness and minimise debounce, whilst the backlights can be set to show the current layout.The in-game aiming sensitivity can be manipulated by squeezing the side panels, allowing greater flexibility without pausing the game.
Adjustable side panels accommodate for the wide user demographic. Both analogue sticks are ergonomically positioned to prevent any discomfort during prolonged gaming sessions.
A full colour spectrum of LED’s allows the button and body lighting to be customised so gamers can match their team colours or existing gaming set up.The controller also features a detachable braided cable to prevent any wireless interference and increase robustness.