Finding the Best Industrial Design Consultancy in London

With the large number of industrial design consultancies in London, it is quite difficult to find the one that matches your needs. However, you can shortlist the one you want with a few steps.

Let’s take a look at these steps:

Search online with proper keywords

Typing a generic key phrase like ‘industrial design’ will not show up much relevant results. However, if you key in specific words that are relevant for you, then the results will be more precise. For instance, if you are planning to make a smart table lamp, then searching for ‘design consultancy London’ plus ‘table lamp’ will throw up more relevant results. Choose a few of the names that come up in the searches and proceed to the next stage.

Check the portfolio in detail

The next stage involves looking at the portfolio in detail, as it will help you understand the capabilities of the firm. You will also be able to understand if the firm would be able to help you with your idea. Taking the above example, if you have an idea or a concept for a smart table lamp that can also double up as a mobile phone charger, then it may be better to opt for a design firm that has electronics and smart applications in its portfolio rather than one that only designs the form factor for standard table lamps.

Talk to the firm

The third stage involves talking to the firm and deciding how they can best help you. Use the meeting time to ask questions about the expertise they bring to the table, their work plans and methods, the generic timeline they need, and the cost of the design services. Some firms may have tie-ups with manufacturers and can help you get an end product instead of simply the design. Such firms reduce the headache involved in finding a manufacturer for yourself, and are worth their weight in gold.

Talk to their customers

Ask for references from the industrial design consultancy and speak to these people. Your interaction with the consultancy’s past and current clients or partners will help you understand any potential problems in the future and also help you realize how the design process will work in practical terms. Talk to the clients about any problems they faced during the process and how the design firm was able to help. These discussions will help you decide if the firm is the right one you need to pick.