Industrial Design Consultancy – Choosing a Company that will Deliver Results

Industrial design is an upcoming field and a new industrial design consultancy is launched every few days in London. Industrial design is now an integral part of the manufacturing business. These design consultancies help design and develop products that are in-demand. Their services include prototyping, CAD engineering, manufacturing, packaging and market insight, with services being offered depending on client needs.

If you are planning to create unique products that bring value to your customers, then working with a design studio is the best option. However, the market is saturated right now and it can be difficult to pick a great design consultancy from among the average ones. Price is an important factor but it is advisable to look beyond the expenses before selecting a product design studio.

Some of the main factors that can help you choose an industrial design consultancy that will deliver results are:

Outstanding Portfolio: A company with a good track record of exceptional products and services must be your first choice. You can get a fair idea about their services by looking at their portfolio. It is even more favourable to go for a company which specialises in your industry. You will get a better idea of what quality and standards to expect when working with them.

Design Approach: It is important to find out the design approach of the consultancy you are planning to work with. Some products need to be customer-centric – they have to cater to the needs of the consumer. While some products need to be industry-centric – they need to comply with the industry’s demands. In both of these cases, a consultancy has to focus on different aspects of the product. A customer-centric product would need to have an attractive design, serve a purpose and come at an affordable price. Appearance may not be considered very important for industry-centric products. Therefore, a different design approach is required for these cases. Choose the company that meets your design requirements.

Market Research and User Insights: It is essential that the consultancy you work with understands the current market before the product is launched. This will help them to come up with solutions to meet that demand. Once the product is launched they should be willing to get the feedback from the users. This will help find points for future improvements and also give ideas for new products. Many consultancies do not provide these services and it is advisable to give preference to design studios which actively engage in market research.

Once you have a small list of consultancies to consider doing business with, ask for the price quote for your project. And choose the one which offers you the best value for your money.