Innovating Great Product Design with an Industrial Design Consultancy in London

Industrial design is about the coming together of precision and accuracy with the look, feel, and utility of a product. Positive impacts of industrial design include increased product usability, sustainability and better user-relations thereby providing a brand name for your business. After understanding all you need to know about industrial design, the question arises who is involved in providing such distinct product solutions to companies. The answer is industrial design consultancies. These firms employ cutting-edge technology to create an efficient product with better environment sustainability, form factor and differentiation in the marketplace.

Industrial design consultancies in London have multi-disciplinary service groups that look into aspects such as research, modelling, prototyping, testing, marketing, distribution, and launch, among others. They help a company or business build practical design solutions from an idea and in turn drive innovation for their clients and help them connect with end-user for marketplace success.

Industrial consultancies apart from providing product innovation techniques are also involved in other aspects of product designing. They are committed to understanding users and consumers and provide insightful designs that enhance the quality of life and inspire brand loyalty. The initial process in an industrial consultancy begins with research followed by other aspects such as ideation and brainstorming and eventual prototyping and testing. Let’s look at two aspects, the initial research and the near-final prototyping, to understand better the different stages.


Industrial design consultancies undertake design research and user observation to understand the inner-workings of consumer behaviour for which they are designing the product. This allows them to generate relevant concepts and develop them through the design process to useful, desirable products. Research techniques include:

  • Ethnography
  • Expert review
  • User interview and observation
  • Task setting
  • Desk research


Once the research, ideation, design and modelling processes are over, the next step involves creating a prototype. Developing a pre-production prototype enables you to test and refine the functionality of your product design. You understand the practical ramifications of the idea and the design process. Prototyping makes it possible to analyse the performance of the overall product and also the materials and technologies used to design the product.