Product Design Consultancies for an Effective Product Design

If you have an idea of a product but are unsure of how to get to the real-world item, then talking to product design consultancies may just be what you need to do. These businesses provide multi-faceted services from simple consulting and story boarding to prototype design and testing. Whether you simply want a product designedfrom scratch or looking to solve a conundrum to conceptualise your idea, these product design consultancies can work with you and solve your problem with ease.

There is a range of such firms out there and you can do well to search online for a few of them to understand what they can offer you. Some of these studios focus on niche industries and you may get lucky and find a firm that specialises in yours or has had prior experience in it.
Alternatively, you can select a firm that has no specific industry focus but has the capabilities and experience to help you get what you need. These firms are better as they have expertise across a range of sectors from electronics to materials, and from software to hardware.

If you are looking for a design firm, then there are certain things you can check off-hand from their website or by calling them up that will give you an idea of how good they are. The first aspect you need to check is their portfolio. Most product design consultancies put up their portfolio on their site and this will give you a good idea of their capabilities. Check the products’ form factors, their ease of use and understand what the firm has done in the past.

The next thing to check is their capabilities. Talk to their marketing team and get an appointment with the designers. These professionals will be able to help you clarify various questions you may have regarding their design process, the services they can provide, their costing and the timeline within which they will be able to deliver your product, among others. The answers to your questions will help you determine whether the company can help you or whether you need to keep looking. Try to talk to more than a couple of firms so you know the type of services you are likely to get and also to determine which among the ones you checked matches your requirements.