Evolution Powertools – 210CMS

Evolution power tools have over 20 years’ experience in the power tool sector and are recognised as one of the fastest growing power tool brands in the world. Evolution’s innovation comes in the form of their advanced, multipurpose TCT blade technology which cuts wood, aluminium and steel with a single blade. HJC had the privilege of… Read more »

Weldtite – Jetvalve

Weldtite HJC identified the top 3 users of inflator products by riding style. Through research into how the different rider types used tyre care products it was clear that usage varied across the categories. Competitive road cyclist wanted quick access, rapid inflation and minimum weight whist commuters and mountain bike riders generally carried accessories loosely… Read more »

Touchsafe Pro Call Point – Aid Call

Aid Call required HJC Design’s product development team to create a call point to be used within a medical environment. HJC designed a cohesive brand language for both the Touchsafe Pro Call Point and display panel which are used in harmony with each other. Optional pear push leads provide a means to activate a call… Read more »

Touchsafe Pro Display Panel – Aid Call

Aid Call required HJC Design to develop two display panel’s to work in conjunction with the Touchsafe Pro Call Point. This product alerts staff to the calls made from any call point or assistive device and provides call type, call location, patient name, nurse identity and call response time. The Touchsafe Pro Display Panel is… Read more »

Tyre Pressure Gauges – Ring Automotive

HJC’s brief was to design a new range of tyre pressure gauges with a distinct design language, one which was consistent and identifiable with the Ring Automotive tyre care family of products. New features and innovation would be championed to help place Ring Automotive at the forefront of the tyre accessory market. HJC conducted market… Read more »

Tech 200 – Bartec

Bartec Auto ID is a market leading manufacturer of TPMS diagnostic accessories for the automotive sector. HJC Design were asked to develop a new range of tools that shared a common family DNA. The Tech200 was designed as a cost effective TPMS inspection tool, featuring wireless Bluetooth technology to help streamline the examination process by… Read more »

Charge Pad – Bartec USA

Bartec USA is a market leading manufacturer of industrial tools for the automotive sector.  HJC Design was asked to develop a new range of automotive accessories that shared a common family DNA. Product Design Brief Bartec USA required HJC’s industrial designers to develop a range of programming fixtures and tools for a new electronic tyre… Read more »

Kitchenware – Peel

Since its launch in October 2011, the HJC Design’s Peel kitchenware range has attracted significant interest from European retailers, and is intended for manufacture in Spring 2012. The industrial design theory behind the Peel range has been driven by HJC’s holistic design approach which integrates target user insights into the product design strategy.  This user-centred… Read more »

Battery Chargers – Ring Automotive Ltd

According to the AA, a flat battery was the most common breakdown attended in 2008 with over 535,500 call outs. Ring Automotive asked HJC Design to develop a new range of battery chargers with a distinctive family identity, offering them a clear brand presence in a crowded market place. Ergonomic Design For the majority of… Read more »

Air Compressors – Ring Automotive

Ring Automotive set HJC Design a brief to design a range of stylish air compressors unique to the market that were easily identifiable as a family of products. HJC conducted a market opportunity analysis with evidence based research to identify possible areas of innovation for the new range. It was discovered that the vast array of… Read more »