The Effect of Product Designers

The involvement of Industrial designers is a crucial aspect of any products development. The product undergoes aesthetic, functional, and ergonomic developments to deliver better production and marketing opportunities. Industrial designers are experts in this field, developing concepts and designs for products that benefit both the manufacturer and its consumers. These professional designers use design as a strategic tool to benefit the product and business. They support the management of the entire product development cycle from the sketchpad to packaging, enhancing it in many ways along its journey.

Good product design creates value and distinction for any product by incorporating benefits and USPs in an existing design. This is a trait which has been recognised as one of the key methods for companies to gain a competitive advantage. There are numerous ways to map to the importance of industrial designers. Some of them are briefly listed here.

  • A strong design is regarded as a resource for business, simply because it has the means of creating new business. If your product is superior to other products in the market, it automatically stands out from the competition. Increased sales follow resulting in higher revenues.
  • A well-designed product acts as a source of competitive advantage on the market through brand equity, price premium, customer loyalty, and customer orientation. Industrial designers understand exactly the type of design that will attract and benefit customers. They can ensure the product is also reliable and easy to produce at the same time. The design of the product should be innovative, simple, durable, eco-friendly and commercially viable.
  • A product designed by industrial design professionals acts as a source of increased sales, leading to better margins, greater market share, increased brand value, and better returns on investment. Industrial designers are a resource not only for the business but also for society by considering its environmental impact.

Companies all across London are hiring industrial designers and are using design as a discipline to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace through superior product development and increased customer satisfaction.