The Ultimate Guide to Find the Best Industrial Design Consultancy

This is the era of innovation. Unique products are being launched in the market with fantastic features and functionalities every day. In fact, the manufacturing process is so advanced these days that it is possible to have your ideas and concepts converted into a product. Industrial design consultancies are responsible for this phenomenal change.

They provide services right from the design stage of manufacturing to the stage of user feedback after the product launch. All you need to do is present your bright idea or concept and then they take over. They offer services like designing, prototyping, CAD engineering, manufacturing, and packaging in addition to market research.

Finding the best industrial design consultancy in London, however, can be a daunting task. Here is the ultimate guide to help you in your quest:

  • Check online for the best industrial design consultancies in London. Many names will pop up and you can make a list of the ones which have the best ratings and reviews. You can also inquire within your network for recommendations
  • Start looking at the portfolios of the companies from you list. It is essential to see their previous works to get an idea of their capabilities and strengths. Compare them to shortlist a few suitable design studios
  • Scan their client list. A broad list of clients especially from your field is a big plus point. It means they have experience and are capable of handling your project. You can also personally contact their clients for feedback
  • Contact the designers from your shortlisted companies. It would be helpful to discuss your requirements with them and see if they offer the kind of services you are looking for. They might even be able to give you invaluable inputs for your product
  • Discuss the latest technologies in your field and their expertise in those areas. With technology progressing so fast these days, you should consider working with design consultancies who not only adopt the latest technologies but can also tell you which ones are not reliable and why
  • Request a price quote for your project. This is the deciding factor for you to choose amongst the best industrial design consultancies in London. The design studio offering the best value for money should be your first choice

Just a little bit of research and effort can help you find the best industrial design consultancy. Being the owner / manager of a modern business, you must give preference to companies who utilise raw materials with minimal waste, provide inputs based on latest market insights and promise to deliver the products within the required timeframe.