What are Product Design Studios: 5 Tips to Choose the Best in London

A product design studio is essentially a workshop for product designers who are involved in the process of conceptualising, designing and improvising new products. It is equipped with facilities like computer systems, designing tools, and other technology required to develop a product.

The product design studios in London differ in size. A product design studio can even be run out of a small home office with a single individual or a group of people working together. Most product design studios have their own offices and run by a group of product designers.

It is important to work with a product design studio that has a robust record, regardless of their size. A good product design studio helps in creating products that have optimal usability for consumers. However, choosing the right product design studio can be a bit challenging. Here present are the top 5 tips to select the best design studio in London.

• Website: A studio’s website is a good place to start. The site should give an idea regarding the company’s background and experience. Also, ensure that they have at least a few case studies on the website. As a business owner, the site should interest you.

• Services: You must try to understand the types of services a product design studio offers. It is crucial that they conduct market research in the initial stage and after the launch of the product. Most will provide the full gamut of product design services like prototyping, CAD designing, manufacturing, and packaging. You must ensure that these services are provided in a systematic and timely manner.

• Technology: This is a highly crucial aspect to consider if you want to develop products that are innovative and meet the increasing demands of your consumers. The digital tools and the technology that they use must be up to date and well supported.

• Eco-friendly Products: As a responsible modern business, you should give preference to product design studios that are able to design products in compliance with environmental laws and regulations. Also, the manufacturing process they follow must utilise raw materials efficiently and generate as little waste as possible.

• Cost: While hiring product designers, you must keep in mind the cost that you are going to incur. A good product design studio should be able to offer best services at reasonable prices. Offer a contract to protect your interests as well as theirs.

You can get references from friends and colleagues in the industry as well. First-hand input from people who have worked with the product designers previously is a good indicator or their quality. Use your network for guidance or recommendations. You may be able to contact any former clients as well. Their feedback regarding the product design studio you are considering to work with can be invaluable.