Air Compressors – Ring Automotive

Ring Automotive set HJC Design a brief to design a range of stylish air compressors unique to the market that were easily identifiable as a family of products. HJC conducted a market opportunity analysis with evidence based research to identify possible areas of innovation for the new range. It was discovered that the vast array of cables & accessories supplied with existing compressors caused customer stress when repacking after use.

HJC’s design approach centred about creating ergonomic features that were easily accessible and hassle-free for the everyday user. A high intensity LED light cluster with integral red SOS warning system has been incorporated into the design, which takes inspiration from the intricate fluting aesthetics found on automotive headlamps. The inspection light is positioned directly at the front of the unit, giving the user the ability to sit the product next to the wheel to provide a bright working environment, with the SOS emergency flash helping to attract roadside assistance. The hassle of tucking away excess cables into tiny apertures has been eradicated with a rear cable winding channel and adapter bracket, ensuring motorists can rapidly store the compressor in the car with no unsightly loose cables or dangling wires.

Services Provided

  • 3D CAD Engineering
  • 3D Product Visuals
  • Design Features
  • Family of Products