Avire | ATOM Displays by E-Motive

Avire Global are manufacturers of commercial safety equipment, from elevators and door detectors to car display panels, monitoring systems and emergency phones.

With the development of their new ‘E-Motive ATOM Display’, Avire identified the need to re-vitalise their Elevator Display Unit to reflect the technical advancements of their new technology.

HJC was approached to answer this call, focusing heavily on ease of installation for the building contractor/person of trade.

As well as being installer friendly, the new enclosure was to be immediately identifiable from an aesthetic standpoint. Developing a striking visual language around the pre-existing circuitry was key to creating a strong ‘shelf presence’, helping the unit stand out and assist in driving sales.

To keep electronic interference to a minimum, initial forms/concepts were subject to electromagnetic testing. This helped identify problem areas in the casing, and drove the size and location of finer details of the design.

In addition to the concept generation and CAD development of the enclosure, Avire also required high end rendered visuals and a promotional video to market the new product in an exciting and compelling way.

HJC worked closely with Avire to outline the storyboard, and moved on to animate, edit and produce the final cut of the video.

Services Provided

  • 3D Product Visuals
  • CAD Engineering
  • Design for Manufacture
  • Sheet Metal Design