Bumble Beez | The Twin Bath

The Twin Bath is the world’s first twin bathing aid that is specifically designed to maximise sensory awareness and heighten the bond between newborn twins and their caregiver during bathtime.

Over 1.6 million twins are born worldwide each year. This figure is constantly growing due to advancements in pregnancy monitoring and fertility treatment (IVF). Within the first 6 months, twins form a strong bond both between each other and with their caregivers. These bonds are strengthened through group activities that reinforce relationships, provide reassurance and calm anxiety, including feeding, play and bathing.

Sensory contact is difficult to achieve when bathing twins due to safety concerns and limited space – often resulting in a less than ideal experience for all involved.

The Twin Bath provides secure side-by-side seating for twins aged 0-6 months, up to a combined weight of 20lbs (9kg), within most standard adult bathtubs. The seats safely cradle the twins at an incline that closely mimics the angle of the uterus. This enables maintained eye contact and comfortable, stable seating throughout bathtime without the need for straps that may cause skin abrasion/agitation and hinder cleaning.

Statistically, over half of mothers who give birth to twins require a Caesarean – this procedure puts additional strain on the body after birth, limiting mobility – particularly twisting.

The low-profile, lightweight unit allows easy one-handed operation, storage and transportation. The orientation of use was set to face the user directly in a range of safe angles – whilst using no kickstands stands or angle locking mechanisms. Removing the need for the user to twist and strain during setup and use.

Built in anti-slip features on top and bottom surfaces prevent both lateral and longitudinal movement during use, and integrated silk-screen printed markings indicate recommended safe water levels. The dual seating area also contains functional perforations that maximise expansion, and track and guide trapped water away from the seat to promote clean water flow and enable rapid draining after use.

The Twin Bath is for sale internationally, and can be purchased directly at https://www.bumble-beez.com/

Services Provided

  • 3D CAD Engineering
  • Design Detail
  • Design for Manufacture
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Production Engineering