Eco Curve – SAvortex



HJC’s design brief was to effectively combine the unique SAVortex patented compression & heat recovery system with the latest eco efficient 550W digital brushless motor technology within an elegant and slim line package.

Green technology

The super-efficient 550W digital brushless motor used by the EcoCurve can dry hands within 11 seconds, equating to a cost saving of 99% compared to paper towels. Cold and recirculated air is drawn into the air channel adaptor and compressed to achieve a temperature of 39 degrees before being accelerated to 30 litres per second to deliver heat straight to the hands. The intelligent inbuilt energy monitoring systems wirelessly reports to a building management server providing crucial real time information to further minimise and manage energy allocation.


HJC applied a user centred approach throughout the development process. The angled air manifold design directs the flow away from the wall and into the palm of the user’s hand, preventing any unwanted contact and ensuring optimum comfort when drying. Key to the designs success was the unit slimness: HJC explored numerous internal configurations early in the design process to achieve the most space efficient solution.


Low energy and intelligent drying technology is core to the SAVortex ethos. The EcoCurve design portrays these principal values through an organic, softly curved aesthetic to differentiate it from the geometric and brutal forms found in current dryers.

The final design has surpassed all expectations in terms of performance and aesthetics achieving success in numerous, prestigious Green Energy Awards, and exhibiting at London Ideal Home show.

Services Provided

  • 3D CAD Engineering
  • Design Detail
  • Design for Manufacture
  • Product Design
  • Prototyping


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