Electrosion – EMC Machinery

Industrial Machinery

Electrosion design and manufacture ECM machines that take precast cobalt chrome and electro-form it into high quality goods. Current products using this process include turbine blades and medical implants, due to the high accuracy and speed of the forming.

Brand Identity

HJC created a bright and bold design language for Electrosion, giving them a huge impact in a market sector dominated by monochrome colour palettes.

Sheetmetal Design

Once Electrosion’s new brand language had been established, HJC translated the concept designs into sheetmetal using Solidworks 3D software. These 3D files were then used to create flat pattern technical drawings for each panel, ready for Electrosion’s sheetmetal suppliers to laser cut and fabricate.

Services Provided

  • 3D Product Visuals
  • Product Design