Football Boots – Reebok UK

Reebok asked HJC Design to create a set of engaging visuals to boost their 2010 football boot campaign.

3D CAD Engineering

HJC translated existing 2D data into parametric 3D CAD files suitable for tooling and visualising using Solidworks 3D software. Advanced surfacing techniques were then used to generate a patch network of parts that could be exploded into components, ready for visualising.

3D Product Visuals

A series of views were generated using Solidworks Photoview 360, and then touched up using Adobe Photoshop to give the most photorealistic set of computer visuals. The 3D CAD model was then used to create 2D CMYK linework so that the artwork could be used for screen printing onto Reebokā€™s merchandise.

Services Provided

  • 3D CAD Engineering
  • 3D Product Visuals