Kitchenware – Peel

Since its launch in October 2011, the HJC Design’s Peel kitchenware range has attracted significant interest from European retailers, and is intended for manufacture in Spring 2012.

The industrial design theory behind the Peel range has been driven by HJC’s holistic design approach which integrates target user insights into the product design strategy.  This user-centred design approach ensures HJC’s product designs are optimised for usability, technical performance and aesthetic desirability.

The third product to be released from this kitchenware range is this subtly styled toaster.  Large radii slots to cater for a wider range of bread types Manual plunger with automatic activation. Blue led bands to indicate when toasting, alongside an automatic shut off, adjustable heat settings and a crumb tray.

Services Provided

  • 3D Product Visuals
  • Design Detail
  • Family of Products
  • Product Design
  • Striking Aesthetics
  • User Centered Design


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