NightBlazr – Helmet Light

Nightblazr is an innovative adaptable cycle accessory, designed to improve user visibility in low light levels for the commuter and the enthusiast.

The flexible wearable fits to a standard bike helmet – providing 360 degrees of illumination to increase the visibility of the wearer. The soft touch user controls are ergonomically mounted to key zones for ease of access and intuitive control.

Traditional bike lights and worn lighting accessories provide illumination in a specific direction. This directional visibility is a limiting factor for safety, increasing risk of incident if a 3rd party object is outside the beam angle.

The Nightblazr wearable provides 360 degrees of illumination through it’s bi-coloured high intensity light pipes. The dual-coloured lighting indicates the cyclist’s direction of travel by coding the white and red lighting to the front and rear of the head respectively, as to match the social norms of existing front and rear facing bike lights.

The rechargeable Li-Po cell technology is controlled by an upgradeable CPU to control strobing features and support future enhancements. The battery control module is mounted comfortably at the back of the product to the rear of the head and runs for 12hrs on a single charge.

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