Power Pack – Ring Automotive

Powerpacks provide convenient and emergency power when on the road or out and about in remote locations. Ring Automotive’s existing powerpack range are renowned for their dependability, scoring highly in customer feedback and Which reviews. HJC were commissioned by Ring Automotive to re-evaluate the powerpack design, implement new innovation and create a new design language to be transposed across the battery care line.

HJC conducted market analysis with evidence based research to understand where the pain points lie with competitor units, this enabled us to identify key areas for improvement.

Utilising insight from the early research and building on the functionality of the original power packs resulted in a greatly improved, compact and cohesive unit.

The central controls, lamp, compressor and power inputs were situated on the front facia for clarity (as opposed to multiple faces on the existing design) This gives the user the ability to illuminate the work area and have all the features to hand. Large pockets were designed into each side of the unit to house the jump leads and conceal the crocodile clips when not in use. Large instructions are printed on the rear ensuring operation is straight forward for any user.

Competitor power pack designs imposed high price tags for cheap, low quality units. HJC ensured design integrity was maintained throughout both functionally and aesthetically. The design language and features realized in the final design were implemented across the ring battery care range and safeguarded rings reputation for quality and reliability in the automotive accessory marketplace.

>How to jump start a flat battery with the Ring Powerpack<

Services Provided

  • 3D Product Visuals
  • Design Detail
  • Product Design