Powerhoop – HJC Design

Innertrak are Europe’s leading supplier and manufacturer of Powerhoop, a specialized fitness hoop, verified by Canada’s University of Waterloo Spine Biomechanics Laboratory, to reduce the waist size, tone, and improve core strength.
Innertrak approached HJC Design, a UK based design consultancy, to develop a new innovative Powerhoop that would revolutionise the market. The brief was to develop a new unique hoop with adjustable weights that combine all variants into a single model, enhances the user experience and minimises production costs.

After 18 months of research, detailed design, development and testing, HJC Design delivered unquestionably ‘the world’s most advanced fitness hoop. The Powerhoop Deluxe has been redesigned from the ground up, using comprehensive user based research and feedback.

Aesthetics, adjustability and performance have all been radically improved from the Powerhoop Original through considered material selection and the development of the unique impact zones and innovative manufacturing methods.

The Deluxe is the first fitness hoop in the world to replace cheap, extruded foam sleeves with TPE over-moulding to provide comfort and protection for the user, whilst greatly improving product performance and durability.

The Powerhoop Deluxe is manufactured, assembled, and packaged in the UK. The revolutionary design, made possible by a unique over-moulding process which has outstanding reviews from professional trainers, gym groups and individual users.

The impact resistant copolymer PP substrate protects the outer perimeter against damage from intense training routines and misuse. Shock absorbing Dryflex-TPE creates the inner compression zones maximising performance and enhancing the waist slimming effect of the hoop.

Services Provided

  • 3D CAD Engineering
  • 3D Product Visuals
  • Design Detail
  • Design for Manufacture
  • Ergonomic Design