Prague Taxi – Product Design Yorkshire

HJC Design were set the task of designing a unique taxi service vehicle, used for providing individual transport throughout Prague, capital city of the Czech Republic.

Automotive Design

The overall styling is inspired by Prague’s vintage tram network, with design details having evolved from the period aesthetics which characterise Prague’s rich heritage and architecture. The front grill and sculptured external form symbolise the unique styling found on vintage 1950’s trams, with the wheels concealed to give the appearance of floating transport.

Design Detail

An augmented reality display is integrated into all parts of the journey, with users able to interact through a central console inspired by the floral ceiling of Prague’s Great Hall. The glass roof surround offers tourist’s a panoramic vista to interact with Prague’s celebrated architecture.

The internal form follows the curvature of the Vltava River, with the seating area inspired by the traditional slatted benches featured in the original tram network.

Services Provided

  • Automotive Design
  • Design Detail