Salacia – HJC Design

Salacia is a range of bathroom furniture concepts which explore the boundaries of modern bathroom design through innovative material and production techniques.

The design brings together a blend of sleek and organic aesthetics inspirations. The flowing and dynamic form resembles pouring water encompassed in a light and delicate stature, portraying luxury and elegance. The white frame envelops the basin uses Cristalplant material which is a 100% recyclable, non-porous, solid state material and gives a natural stone like finish; the basin exterior uses a charcoal stained 3d veneer to achieve the dramatic.

Cristalplant’s characteristics of durability and restorability make it highly suitable to be used in the bathroom environment. Moreover, this unique material can be cut and glued on when manufactured, allowing the creation of these sculptural pieces of furniture. On the other hand, the laminate wood sections are engineered wooden strips machined to the required wall thickness, enabling the formation of smooth curves.

The sink arm has an area of contact with the wall, which provides space for mounting and water flow into the arm. The bowl is a separate part embraced by the sink, fixed in position with pins going into the sink arms. Water taps are located at the end of each arm; pulled out for water pressure and rotated back and forth for temperature control. Moreover, the bath uses a flexible hose in order to get water into the end of the curved arm, creating a transfixing waterfall.

Services Provided

  • 3D Product Visuals
  • Product Design
  • Striking Aesthetics