Tech 200 – Bartec

Bartec Auto ID is a market leading manufacturer of TPMS diagnostic accessories for the automotive sector. HJC Design were asked to develop a new range of tools that shared a common family DNA. The Tech200 was designed as a cost effective TPMS inspection tool, featuring wireless Bluetooth technology to help streamline the examination process by eliminating the need for PC connection.

HJC’s role was to lead the industrial design on the Tech200 enclosures to a production level and house Bartec’s latest wireless technology. Ensuring the design appeared part of the Bartec brand and in-line with its bigger brother, the Tech500 was crucial.

Reduced complexity in the electronics of the Tech200 meant HJC’s designers were able to create a compact an ergonomic handheld, suitable for single handed use. HJC were in continuous liaison with Bartec’s electronic engineers to assist with the layout of major components, helping to optimise the performance of the product and maintain design intent.

In order to create a coherent family of products, HJC Design developed an entire product design language for Bartec USA. This distinctive design DNA has been applied throughout Bartec USA’s product range via surface textures, moulding materials, colour schemes and interface button layout.

Services Provided

  • 3D CAD Engineering
  • 3D Product Visuals
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Family of Products
  • Product Design