Tech 500 – Bartec


HJC Design were asked to develop a new range of automotive accessories that shared a common family DNA, with the Tech500SDE TPMS being the flagship product.


 Rugged product architecture was essential to protect the units throughout constant use. HJC’s designers focused on strong surface expression with TPE rubber overmoulded touch points for impact protection and comfort. Infusing a cohesive product design look and feel, HJC generated a strong brand Identity for the premier tech 500 tool which was later used as the foundation for other units in the Bartec range.

Family of Products

In order to create a coherent family of products, HJC Design developed an entire product design language for Bartec USA. This distinctive design DNA has been applied throughout Bartec USA’s product range via surface textures, moulding materials, colour schemes and interface button layout.

Services Provided

  • CAD Engineering
  • Design Detail
  • Design Features
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Striking Aesthetics