Tyre Pressure Gauges – Ring Automotive

HJC’s brief was to design a new range of tyre pressure gauges with a distinct design language, one which was consistent and identifiable with the Ring Automotive tyre care family of products. New features and innovation would be championed to help place Ring Automotive at the forefront of the tyre accessory market.

HJC conducted market analysis and user driven research to identify where competitor fell down and expose areas. It was discovered that most tyre pressure gauges currently on the market offered little in the way of ergonomics or style when it came to the design. Enclosures tended to be cheap and poor quality whilst screens were small and difficult to read (especially in low light). Nozzle position and screen orientation proved to be a significant downfall when taking readings.

HJC established a clear product hierarchy across the range, with each model having its own unique USP. The base unit became a compact key ring accessory whilst the full size gauges featured superior ergonomics, large backlit displays and market leading features such as the 360 head. The curved forms are designed fit reassuringly in the user’s hands while the over-moulded grip areas bring a sense of considered quality. The top range models featured a tyre tread gauge; consolidating the functionality of two tools into one. The premium model featured a die cast enclosure adding to the superior feel and guaranteeing a long product lifespan.

HJC’s designers exploited advanced CAD surfacing techniques, CMF (colour/material/finishing) and Photo-real rendering techniques to realise the design and present to Ring. HJC liaised with Rings manufacturing and tooling partners ensuring the highest of standards were maintained throughout production.

HJC’s user centered approach exposed a wealth opportunities for innovation in the design of the digital gauges. Implementing them into the final solutions resulted in a number of key features not previously seen on the marketplace. The digital gauges received consistent high scores in user and online comparison tests, Obtaining 5/5 BEST BUY in the 2014 Telegraph Cars review.

Services Provided

  • 3D CAD Engineering
  • Design Detail
  • Design for Manufacture
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Family of Products
  • Market Research